Cover of Legacy of Pandora: Shan Takhu Legacy: Book One by Eric Michael Craig

Set in a future where Earth has become all but uninhabitable and human colonization has extended throughout the inner Solar System, Legacy of Pandora follows two separate storylines. Out in the cold dark of the Neptune L-4 Trojan Cluster, the ice harvesting research vessel Jakob Waltz is about to run into serious trouble. Back home in the governing Council of the Human Union, FleetCartel Chancellor Katryna Roja is just beginning to uncover a twisted web of corruption, resource theft, and murder.

These storylines combine to produce a gripping blend of mystery and deep-space horror, dark political intrigue and thrilling scientific discovery. Both narratives move along at a blistering pace as the peril facing Chancellor Roja and the intrepid crew of the Jakob Waltz ratchets upward. The tension rises further as it becomes apparent that the research vessel may have been deliberately sent to its doom and the fate of the Human Union itself hangs in the balance.

The author has created a realistic projection of extra-Earth colonization and a fairly plausible (and plausibly flawed) system of governance. If humanity ever manages to cooperate our way into space, this is quite likely how it’ll happen. And even if we make it to the stars, chances are our own self-destructive tendencies will follow us there. Which poses the question: even if we survive poisoning our home, will we be able to survive transitioning into a space-faring species?

And will we survive what we may find out there?

Legacy of Pandora (Shan Takhu Legacy: Book One)  is an ambitious tale and the start of what is sure to be a fascinating trilogy. I highly recommend giving it a read!

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