Necrotic City by Leland Lydecker

What would you do if you realized that the laws you enforce do little more than contribute to the suffering of the people you were created to protect?

In a dying city wracked by corruption and civil unrest, Adrian is about to make a discovery that will test his allegiance and alter his life forever. It’s said that every broken world needs a hero. Will this hero wind up as broken as the dying city he’s sworn to protect?



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Trumpland: An Alternative History of the Future

November 8th, 2016.
A new President was elected, and the United States was forever changed. Now 8 authors have come together to share the alternative facts of the dystopian futures we have yet to witness.

From the schoolboy romanticizing delusions of grandeur to nuclear Armageddon; from civil wars to the diseased undead; from walls isolating nations, to trade agreements, to environmental disasters – will any of the signs be bright enough to be seen? Will we heed the warnings before Lady Liberty’s torch is extinguished? Can we write a new future for a nation, for the entire world, before it is too late?

Trumpland’s stories present a speculative inquiry into the fallout from the most consequential election of our age.
All artists donated their contributions with proceeds from the sales being donated to charity.

A collection organized by author M.D. Parker, featuring authors Leland Lydecker, Brandel Frankel, Scott J. Couturier, M.D. Parker, Richard L. Pastore, Dave Callan, Jason J. Nugent, and Shayne K. Keen.