I’ve written about the situation at the Other Job, chronicling how poor management decisions, lack of staffing, inhumane working conditions, and abusive leadership eventually led to a mutiny in late 2019. (You can read that article here.)

I wrote about the conclusion to the mutiny, in which Human Resources got involved and the abusive supervisor was forced to step down (but not terminated or removed from leadership.) The company’s solution to the mutiny, it seems, was to do little more than shuffle the deck.

In late December, a new supervisor was finally hired. He was an excellent choice: he’s smart, perceptive, and has handled situations like this at multiple other companies. In fact, I have a feeling that upper management may be regretting their decision.

In under a week, the new supervisor had found the cause of the ongoing rebellion: the former supervisor’s attitude, actions, and continued presence in the workplace. Then he set about giving the FS just enough rope to hang himself with– and I’m happy to report that the FS has done a fine job of that.

Unfortunately, upper management isn’t exactly on board. I strongly suspect that this guy was hired to root out and remove the ‘troublemakers’ at our location– those of us with the backbone to stand up and speak out against the abuse. They banked on him being smart and ruthless enough to remove what they saw as their greatest and most vocal problems; they did not anticipate that he’d be perceptive (and independent) enough to identify and attack the root cause.

Predictably, the company has dug their feet in and refused to do anything about the FS despite a growing pile of damning evidence. It has now been nearly two months since the new supervisor was hired to fix our department, and he’s growing increasingly frustrated with being stonewalled by upper management and HR. (As are we all.)

It has reached the point that if the company refuses to take action and remove the former supervisor, the new supervisor will resign. More than half the department will go with him, and I’ll be one of the first to go.

To that end, I put some of my writing effort last week into crafting a resignation letter I can be proud of. It remains to be seen when I’ll get to use it.

Until then, stay tuned for book and movie reviews, thoughts on writing, and more updates on the continuing mutiny!

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