I know I’ve spent a lot of time the last couple of weeks keeping you up to date on the dumpster fire that is the Other Job. Now it’s time to update you on the good stuff– otherwise known as what I’ve been writing.

Inspired by real-life events, I’ve been working on a series of short science fiction stories about the experiences of a Load Master working for Baron Cargo, a fly-by-night freight hauling outfit operating on a backwater iceball planet. Lowered Expectations went live on Patreon on November 19th, and highlights the often catastrophic results of the “we’re not going to worry about this problem right now– it’ll be fine” style of management.

Part two of the series, Lowered Limitations, is in production right now and should be live very soon. Sometimes poor management decisions and long work hours just lead to someone losing a limb. Other times those poor decisions lead to people losing much, much more.

I’ve also been working on my submission for Trumpland 2020: Divided We Stand. (If you haven’t read Trumpland: An Alternative History Of The Future, you should definitely check it out!) Although I can’t say much about my entry for this project, I’m super excited about it. I also owe an apology to my fellow contributors for being so far behind.

In other writing news, I haven’t had much time to work on the sequel to Necrotic City. That said, I definitely haven’t given up on it. I have a lot of ideas in that vein, as well as for a couple of other novel-length works in progress, and given a little more writing time I’ll be able to get back on track on those.

In review news, I’m re-reading Scott Couturier’s excellent The Mask of Tamrel, and it’s even better the second time around! (You can check out my original review of it here.) Next I’ll be reading the sequel, In the House of Madame Heretia, with intent to review. I’m also working on a review of Austin Dragon’s Liquid Cool, which was not nearly as cool, funny, or cyberpunk as I expected.

If you’d like to follow the Iceball Planet series of short stories, the adventures of Frank the Tank, or any of the other short fiction serials I post, or if you’d like more updates on what I’m working on, please consider following me on Patreon (link below.) As always, I’m immensely grateful for your support!

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