Welcome to the Madhouse: a Medical Space Station Thriller by S.E. Sasaki

Welcome to the Madhouse chronicles the adventures of Dr. Grace Lord as she begins her residency aboard the medical space station Nelson Mandela. Plenty of challenges are in store, from eccentric surgeons to a dangerously manipulative psychiatrist to an alien super-virus, but Dr. Lord is not entirely on her own: she soon finds an unlikely ally in Bud, an android gifted with artificial intelligence.

In fact, Bud is more than just sentient: he feels human emotion. And from the moment he lays optical sensors on the extremely talented, smart, and beautiful Dr. Grace Lord, he falls madly in love with her.

Welcome to the Madhouse is one of the most unique thrillers I’ve read, and although “heartwarming” is an unusual descriptor for this genre, I think it fits. Madhouse is a sometimes hilarious, sometimes heart-wrenching read that will restore a little of your faith in humanity and provide you with a great escape from the cold, grey light of reality.

If you enjoy comedy, this book’s worth reading for the dialogue alone; especially the banter between the head surgeon, Dr. Al-Fadi, and the senior anesthetist, Dr. Cech. Unlike the American medical system, where various specialists are often at odds and the phrase “we eat our young” is tossed around as if simply surviving the infighting–regardless of quality of care given–is a badge of honor, the medical staff of the Nelson Mandela are like family.

The author has crafted a cast of truly likeable characters. My personal favorite was Bud, although Dr. Lord was a close second, and I was thrilled to learn that they’ll be starring in at least two sequels. If you’re a fan of medical thrillers, space station stories, or really anything science fiction, I highly recommend that you check out this book!

Welcome to the Madhouse: A Medical Space Station Thriller is available as an ebook from  Amazon . The sequel, Bud by the Grace of God, is available in ebook and paperback. And the most recent installment of the series, Amazing Grace, was released April 1st in ebook and paperback.

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1 thought on “Review: Welcome to the Madhouse

  1. Thank you so much for this lovely review, Leland! I am so glad you enjoyed Welcome to the Madhouse. Bud by the Grace of God picks up where Welcome to the Madhouse left off and Amazing Grace follows Bud by the Grace of God, so you will get lots of exposure to the many zany characters and their terrifying adventures! Plus some new characters to get to know. ;D I hope you like them, too! Cheers, S.E.

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