Cover of Save Our Souls by Leighton Dean

Today on the author blog, Leland Lydecker reviews the second novel by author Leighton Dean.

The aptly-named Save Our Souls follows pilot and Captain’s son, Ford, and his family, the crew of the freighter Jian Seng, as they fight to survive in the face of an unholy trinity of catastrophes. The seemingly lifeless ship that barreled into their craft is only the first salvo of a universe that seems intent on eliminating the crew of the Jian Seng in the most unpleasant ways possible.

The narrative moves along at a blistering pace, and the characters are unique and believable. My only complaint is that I wish I could have gotten to know some of them better. Engineer Greaves and several of the marauders, in particular, are characters I would have liked to have spent more time with.

The suspense builds subtly, and each new horror is introduced with a skill and finesse that makes them feel inherently natural. What few bugs the story has –like an infirmary in which, oddly enough, none of the supplies and equipment are secured in such a way that they stay put in the event of zero gravity or sudden changes in orientation– are not enough to detract from the overall narrative.

A dark descent into the psychological fallout of fear, stress, survivor’s guilt, and the biological imperative to survive no matter the cost, Save Our Souls is sure to find fans among those who enjoy their science fiction with a healthy dose of horror. I greatly enjoyed it, and I highly recommend you check it out if you’re a fan of darker science fiction. Definitely a 5 star read!

Save Our Souls is available in ebook and paperback from Amazon, and both are exceptionally reasonably priced. What are you waiting for? Get your copy today!

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